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Being Vancouver

Vancouver+Boring+20150527Vancouver’s trenchant and highly talented Stephen Quinn pretty much nails it with this column…our fine city is certainly among the prettiest in the world, but we are still a century away from the complexity, vivacity and global relevance we claim.

While i laud our chamber of commerce, development barons and political leaders for their aspirational assertions of Vancouver’s “world-class” status, it isn’t true until the world says so…

Yes, tourists and wealthy foreigners seem to be indicating a fondness for our vistas, resort neighbourhoods and stable polity, but Vancouver is far too self-aware, precious and fresh to rank with the scarred, well-tested and (relatively) ancient cities of London, Paris and NYC. These cities are notable for their self-confidence. Vancouver is notable for its self-consciousness.

Quinn likens us to an insecure adolescent among venerable adults; the latter know that to say one is “world-class” is to reveal one is not yet there.

Let’s speak of what we hope to be and act to make it so. One day, i am certain, others will notice, and everything we are will be valued by the world.

There endeth my epistle. bh