Brent Humphrey


Brent provides communications management counsel and media relations support to politicians, CEOs and management teams. An accomplished organizational strategist and public issue manager, Brent has worked as Press Secretary to the Premier of BC, as Senior Communications Counsel in the BC government, and as a daily news staff reporter. Brent also created and taught undergraduate courses in corporate communications, journalism and public relations at Thompson Rivers University.

Brent brings tact, discretion, focus and realism to every professional engagement. He’s here to help public sector organizations connect with their citizen, community, newsroom and interest group audiences.

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Laurie Best


A highly skilled communicator and inspired facilitator, Laurie knows how to generate excitement, engagement and commitment among executives, key staff, stakeholders and other interest groups. With more than 20 years experience in organizational operations and corporate communications, Laurie has also developed significant expertise in organizational governance, resource planning, program management and outcome evaluation.

Known as a strategic and lateral thinker, Laurie is here to help provide communications and project support to public sector initiatives at the national, provincial and municipal levels.

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What's in a name ?

The public sphere is anywhere and everywhere citizens exchange ideas, information and opinions. It’s the place where the private spheres of everyday life interact with the official spheres of government and society to affirm or challenge the status quo.

The public sphere is an open marketplace of meaning where public opinion, public attitudes and public culture are continually formed and re-formed by acts of communication.


It exists wherever private spheres gather to talk, read, listen and write about the legitimacy of the official spheres.

There are many voices and many audiences in the public sphere. As communications management consultants, our goal is to help organizations participate meaningfully, effectively and authentically.





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We’re public-sector communications experts specializing in stakeholder processes and products. We’ve been helping government agencies and organizations gather and share information for more than 20 years.
We work in all policy areas, we've designed and facilitated every type of stakeholder engagement process, and we've delivered every kind of communications product. We’re focused, we’re effective and we’re here to help

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